Susanne and The Man

Susanne and The Man is a short film written by Chelsea Gonzalez. Directed by Milena Govich



Susanne endeavors to find her own voice & rhythm when she finds herself in a meeting with the king of mansplaining. 


Susanne has never been more prepared for the job interview she has lined up with Stan, a successful businessman. However, when Stan enters speaking in his own "unique" fashion, Susanne quickly learns this was not the kind of interview she expected.  “Susanne and The Man” is a light-hearted comedy that explores some of the darkest issues plaguing today’s gender stereotypes.

Writers Statement

The reason I wrote this story should be clear.

It started with shame, some self-doubt, and a tear.

See, I’m off in Hollywood pursuing my dreams. 

When everything I worked for fell apart at the seams.


A man I had assisted for almost a year,

Leaned in close and whispered in my little ear.

He asked if I’d sleep with him, given the chance,

And If I did, he’d help my career to advance.


I was shocked, distraught, and wanted to run,

I had worked my ass off for him. It wasn’t for fun.

But all my hard work was just gone in a flash.

Once I realized he viewed me as a worthless piece of trash.


So I grabbed my laptop and wrote down this piece.

Because the number of men who do this needs to decrease.

See it isn’t our fault, girls, we’ve done nothing wrong.

I want to leave this message to you in a song.


Watch my film and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a rhyming, blast of sass up on the big screen. 


@Susanne and The Man 2017